Surgical Services

Surgical Services

MPH Specialty Clinic970.887.58001000 Granby Park Drive SouthGranby, CO 80446

Surgical Specialists of Colorado, PC303.940.8200 970.887.5864400 Indiana Street, Suite 200, Golden 1000 Granby Park Drive SouthGranby

Surgeons meet with patients for initial consultations, and utilize MPH’s state-of-the-art surgical theatre to treat patients, all at the same pricing patients would pay at the provider’s home practice.  Surgeons perform a variety of procedures at MPH, including: breast pain and masses, abdominal wall, umbilical and groin hernias, gastrointestinal problems such as gallbladder and hemorrhoid disease, thyroid masses, skin and soft tissue masses. Dates and locations of clinics for each specialty physician are published twice monthly in local newspapers and are available here on our Specialty Clinic Calendar.

Wound Care Clinic

Middle Park Health


Middle Park Health is proud to announce the opening of Grand County’s only Wound Clinic.

We offer our patients advanced and progressive wound care services in a comfortable setting that’s close to home.

Middle Park Health’s Outpatient Wound Clinic follows national guidelines established by clinical evidence-based practice when treating and managing wounds. We use recognized, innovative techniques to heal many different types of wounds.

Types of wounds treated:

· Diabetic wounds
· Pressure Injuries
· Vascular Leg Ulcers
· Post-surgical or traumatic wounds
· Wounds caused by edema, cancer, radiation treatment, burns, infections, and scleroderma

There are many treatment methods available to manage your wound.

MPH Outpatient Wound Clinic provides:

· Advanced Wound Care Dressings and Products
· Debridement
· Advanced skin substitute products

· Dressing Changes
· Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

Pain Management Clinic


Middle Park Health is proud to announce the opening of Grand County’s only Pain Management Clinic

The expert team of providers treat each person with compassionate care using an individualized approach to treatment. They take time to determine the best treatment options available for each patient using a holistic approach including minimally-invasive interventional procedures and when appropriate, referrals for clinical specialties such as physical rehabilitation and behavioral health.

The minimally invasive interventions available include but not limited to:

· Diagnostic pain
· Epidural steroid injections
. Lumbar, thoracic, and cervical medial branch or facet joint blocks
. Occipital nerve injections
· Peripheral nerve blocks
· Radiofrequency ablation of medial branches for facet joint pain
· Genicular radiofrequency ablation for knee pain
· Sacroiliac injections
· Trigger point injections
· Medication Management

These interventional procedures can help reduce the amount or need for pain medications and help improve your quality of life!