I was a patient at Granby Middle Park ER while on vacation in Grand Lake. I’d like to compliment your outstanding ER staff on their professional care, personal touch and timely follow up. As background, I had a sudden cardiac arrest 2 years ago and have an implanted defibrillator. My defibrillator started emitting a monosyllable tone I had not experienced before. I initially contacted my doctors back home and they suggested a trip to the ER to check vitals, etc. We called in Granby MP ER on the way in and the team was already assembled and ready to check me in as we walked in the door. The receptionist, nurses and Dr. Tong were all great, very interested in my issues, professional in their care and went the extra mile to get additional information once we determined everything was ok. Again, many thanks to the ER staff, so great to know you are here as we hope to get back up here again next year, such a wonderful area of the country

Grand Lake Patient