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Patient portal

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MPH patients are provided easy, private and secure access to their individual medical information online so they can be viewed in the privacy and convenience of home or on the go from a smartphone.

To receive your free health information via the Patient Portal simply speak with a clinic staff member who will email you a link with a temporary password for you to set up your account. It’s quick, easy and oh-so-convenient.

The Patient Portal is not intended for use in emergencies. If you require urgent or immediate medical care, call 9-1-1. Only clinic visit information is available through the portal. Emergency, surgery and physical therapy visits are not registered.  

Patient Portal Services

The following options can be performed when using the Patient Portal system.

  • Appointments
    • Schedule and keep track of appointments
  • Lab Results
    • Access and view Lab results
  • Medication
    • Request prescription refills
  • Medical Records
    • View your personal health record
  • Education
    • Receive educational materials
  • Messages
    • Send and receive messages from and to staff
  • Reminders
    • Receive health reminders
  • Receive health reminders
    • Update demographic information
  • Referrals
    • View and request referrals

Medical Records

Phone: 970.724.3128
Fax: 970.724.3211
Mailing Address: PO Box 399 Kremmling, CO 80459

In order to expedite the process, you can fill out the Release of Medical Records Form here. (Release of Medical Records Form)

Please be aware that there may be a small fee for your medical records if applicable. The cost is $16.50 for 10 pages, $0.75 for each additional page.

Processing of medical records may take 7-10 business days

Patient Financial Services


Consent for Treatment and Financial Responsibility – Hospital, Emergency Room, and Clinic

Charity Care Discount

Health Plans

Pay My Bill


In order to speed up the check-in process, please fill out the appropriate forms below, and bring them with you to your appointment. Also, please note that, due to federal regulations, we are required to have this information completed upon each visit.


Colorado Open Records Act policy (CORA) hyperlink to-

2017 Transparency Notice-

Agendas (these are uploaded monthly by staff)
Minutes (these are uploaded monthly by staff)
Financials (these are uploaded monthly by staff)
Legal Notices (these are uploaded as needed)